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trevor goodison |
thanks for your great service and fast delivery delighted with the stuff, cheers
6 April 2009 - ireland

Roger Smith |
Thanks Pete.For sending a replacement door pillar st steel panel after i damaged one,you saved my bacon,superfast delievery,highly recommended*****
4 April 2009 - Oxfordshire UK

geordie |
thanks again for the fast delivery of alt belt
1 April 2009 - belfast

Jules |
I have a 2000 (w) limited PT and have been told by one garage that the breather hose causes the engine to almost cut out at idle when cold and by another garage that its the cold start switch. After popping into a chrysler parts dept (just to check their prices) they reckon there is no cold start switch! Anyone else heard of it? Cant find it in the haynes book either. the garage looked at the front left of the engine (near the grille) and made out it was there and said it was a known problem with pt/neon.
30 March 2009 - cotswolds

Kiwi17 |
Hi guys.this problem I have is driving me nuts. I had to remove the battery to recgarge it (having left my '06 Ltd idle for 3 weeks), but when I did this the onboard displays all reverted from English to German !! And it stayed that way when I put it back. Does anyone have any idea how to access the onboard computer to reset the language back to english. Apparently it can be done, but the Chrysler garages i have phoned seem reluctant to call me backk to let me know how ! Thanks!
30 March 2009 - Herts

stephen j dark |
ordered manual 1 day delivered very next morning great service with no hassles highly recomended
25 March 2009 - birmingham uk

trevor goodison |
hi, im getting serious problems with my 01 touring edition pt cruiser , will not go into gear or sticks this happens about every 2 months , knocking noise when changing in low gear, car seems to be falling apart anyone had the same problem,
23 March 2009 - ireland

olivier |
ordered on monday,package accepted on thursday: great job quicker & less a lot than chrysler
21 March 2009 - saint malo

trevor goodison |
hi. having big prob with my 01 pt have gear box prob, grinding noise, costs 450 euro in ireland just for someone to look at it i can get second hand one for 300 also mechanic told me steering rack needs to b replaced if anyone else has had these problems id love to hear from you, cheers
20 March 2009 - ireland

johnny m |
the cooling fan on my 2.0 ltr cruiser is u/s,any ideas were i can get one cheaper than Chryslers 250+ price tag,have tried ebay no joy.thanks!!!!!!!!!!
16 March 2009 - kent uk

Patricia Dean |
I have owned a PT for 1 year and love it to bits, but i have one problem. when the engine gets warm and i change gear the rev's dont come down [if you understand what i mean] this does not happen when the engine is cold. if anyone has any ideas i would appreciate it. many thanks Pat.
28 February 2009 - Tavistock, Devon

luciano e marco |
we are very happy for your fast service,your products and your series on line . Good luck for alls !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the next maiora !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
27 February 2009 - italy ancona

David Steel |
Orderd some parts Monday lunchtime, arrived 9.30 next morning. Fantastic service, thanks. (Still waiting for local main dealer to source some other bits n bobs)
25 February 2009 - Preston

david e |
can anybody tell me how to replace the bulbs in my dashboard thank you
23 February 2009 - UK

Jules |
Thanks for the info Pete.will try that. Parts received very quick and very happy now they are all on my car :-)
22 February 2009 - Cotswolds

giansandro |
I have received the parts requested. Thank you very much!
22 February 2009 - italy

pan |
thanks for the parts them brushs an bits
21 February 2009 - uk

Jon |
To Ritchie - Try here lap-tab(dot)co(dot)uk They did the chromed alloys from my previous yank. Various finishes - see the website. Hope it works out for you. Jon.
20 February 2009 - Manchester

nick and di |
paule, haven't had my pt chipped or remapped but try Impossible Performance in Canterbury they do all that sort of stuff. let me know the result if you do it
20 February 2009 - england

paule |
anyone had there pt chipped or remapped Anyone had there pt chipped or remapped? Can you recomend a Co, or product?
19 February 2009 - UK

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