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TattooDavy |
For a friendly PT cruiser club in GB, discounts, advice,meetings etc ,check out Northern Devils PT cruiser club, it's worth a visit, tell them TattooDave sent ya.
23 September 2007 - Jockland

TattooDavy |
Great service troops, any word on more '06 accesories coming soon, cheers, Dave
23 September 2007 - Scotland

david e |
just got my first pt 2.2 diesel 74000 mils o5 plate can eney tell me if ther is any thing i shoud to nowa bout
15 September 2007 - leeds west yorkshier

nicklecruiser |
If you want to improve your PT so it goes round corners upgrade to the lovely pink suspension bushes. Absolutely fantanstic improvement. Reignited my love of PT's
14 September 2007 - uk

james marshall |
Had a PT for 6 months and still find that it over revs a lot, is this the norm? and is there anything I can do to perk up the performance that doesn't involve sticking in a V8. It's a 2.0l touring '52 reg. Any help or advice would be gratefully received. I love the car but wish it had a bit more go!!
8 September 2007 - north cornwall. england

Mark .T |
Very fast mailing, and the Quality of the goods have been 1st class. I will use these guy's again no problem.
8 September 2007 - Harlow Essex

Gary |
Just got my first PT, and thought I must look around to see how I can give that litle bit xtra , found your site and was really impressed , will order soon . Great site.
6 September 2007 - UK

Ihave used this company twice and both times recieved fantastic service and top quality goods. I would say to anyone use this company they are top people thankyou lads.
2 September 2007 - leicester

Colin |
Excellent service ordered 11:30am one day arrived 7:35am the next day
21 August 2007 - Leicestershire

Bouabdelli-Garros Philippe |
Bien reçu le colis produit super.à bientôt
20 August 2007 - france

Husband's birthday today (Sun) - mmm got to get him something for his PT. Order online late Thursday night - no chance it will be here for his birthday cos I left it too late again. Order received Sat morning - happy hubby! Excellent service. Thanks so much!
19 August 2007 - Surrey, UK

bekads |
have now owned 2 pts and love this site so much - excellent service when i've ordered things too - really worth the time browsing - always find something extra I must have!!
18 August 2007 - devon

Great site lots to look at and you find yourself always coming back to look again
14 August 2007 - Essex UK

Marg Comer |
Just love my PT and enjoy your lovely site. Just ordered winscreen washers so look forward to receiving and fitting them.
11 August 2007 - NEW ZEALAND

glen b |
A huge thanks to you. I've ordered a couple of items which have arrived so quickly it took me by surprise! Sadly, with the range of bits you have, i feel an overdraft coming on.!
10 August 2007 - Kent, England

Mick |
Excellent service, bits came within 2 days and are now fitted to the car, many thanks.
3 August 2007 - England

Colin |
Thanks for the info on the bushes got mine checked and replaced three days before the warranty ran out.
28 July 2007 - Leicestershire

John Orton |
Recently bought 2001 PT Cruiser and loving it. Bought some extras from this site and very impressed with service, will be back. Question someone might be able to help with. My cruiser alarm goes off randomly with no apparant cause. Anyone else have this problem, how can it be resolved. Is it possible/wise to turn of the audible alarm? Don't want the neighbours to get annoyed with me. Any advice appreciated. John
17 July 2007 - Scotland

Webmaster comments   Hi John, The movement sensors are normally the cause of occasional alarm sounding. A window slightly open or the car rocked slightly by wind or a passing lorry etc. can set it off. I don't think it can be permanently disabled, but if you press the remote button 3 times instead of once to lock the car it will disable the movement alarm.

Scouse Croat |
The service from these 2 guys is second to none. There not the cheapest around, but the quality of service and helpfulness is unrivaled, this negates any.and i mean ANY, price differential. Peace of mind is assured.
10 July 2007 - Liverpool ( Eupropean City of Culture 2008 ) UK

Katie A |
Just to say love the website had great service and item was fame. Can see I'm going to be a regular buyer for myself and partner
10 July 2007 - UK

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