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pt user |
30 May 2009 - LV

pt user |
Why Latvia is not in the list. Latvia is EU.
29 May 2009 - Latvia

Webmaster comments   Latvia has now been added to the list

steve (shrek) warner |
Hi, many thanks for the parts delivered, 24hrs after ordering, looking forward to putting them on the car
29 May 2009 - Wellingborough, Northants, UK

Heather Hamilton |
This i now my 2nd PT just adore these cars. Found this site and ordered some chrome work. Fantastic choice and excellent service will be a regular customer no doubt about it.
16 May 2009 - Glasgow Scotland

Bought a set of S/S Bonnet Struts, arrived within 2 days. Fitted within Half hour. What a difference they make to the overall look of an open bonnet. Well impressed with service and product. Bye bye yellow prop stick.
7 May 2009 - Nottingham, UK

george |
Hi Don I bought a 2.2 diesel in2002 and being a joiner its my van as well , it still looks good after 127k mls i pull a large trailer sometimes so the torque is much better. i thought the diesel was better at the time i road tested them both.
30 April 2009 - fife scotland

max |
Excellent service parts spot on. will definitely use again thanks.
29 April 2009 - leicester.

Don Banham |
What a useful site. Enjoyed going through the entire system, very user friendly and full of information. I am looking for a CRD 2.2 now and would like any helpfull comments on this model. My first car (in Canada) was a 1937 Plymouth sedan in black. It was huge with suiside(sp) doors and so tall you could walk in to the back seats just bent from the waist. The PT retro look is spot on.
28 April 2009 - Yorkshire England

Sue Thorpe |
Just want to say a huge thank you to ptcompany - my mechanic was so impressed when the parts arrived overnight!! : Great service or what
27 April 2009 - UK

Jack (SmittysPT) |
Just cruisin by and had to say hi from Colorado in the USA. Enjoy your rides and cruise safe.
27 April 2009 - Colorado.USA

mark |
Hi, where's my best bet for a decent set of alloys pricewise for my 05 pt classic. Cheers Mark
24 April 2009 - Stockport

Hi everybody, i bought a PT Cruiser 2.2L Diesel 02 and i really love it but i have a little problem i am looking for the technical book but i can't find it. I was wondering if someone can help me out with this matter that will be really helpful for me, thanks for your help!!!
22 April 2009 - FRANCE

john |
just bought my first pt just addin my crome bits and bobs just thinkits great.
21 April 2009 - belfast

TonyM |
Ordered poly bushes @ approx 16:00pm Monday, Received them @ approx 11::00am next day. Amazing service. Thank You.
20 April 2009 - UK

giansandro |
I have the Eibach springs on . Great! much better dirve, very good look. tahnk you for the quick service
18 April 2009 - italy

Ken |
Nick its not the mileage in your case its more the year,ive just had mine done last week it was the year came up before the mileage did.Think of the damage it can do if not renewed.( Its what comes up first mileage or year)
13 April 2009 - colchester uk

Nick |
Hi, had my 2.0 Limited for about a year now, its a 2002 model and has 23k on the clock. Just wondering at what age/mileage the cam belt needs changing??
13 April 2009 - Sleaford, Lincs

Ken |
What wonderful service you give Pete, and the car is starting to look great.Will deal with anytime (Thanks) Plenty of chrome now
12 April 2009 - Colchester u/k

Craig Hutton |
This is the first time i have used the pt company and it wont be my last as i found their service to be very profesional. Thank you .
12 April 2009 - scotland, fife

mark |
Hi anybody out there know where I can get a set of alloy wheel centres for my Pt 05 Classic. Some little s---- has had mine away. Chrysler want 35 quid each! Many thanks. Mark
7 April 2009 - Stockport uk

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