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Ruth |
I just received a delivery of touch up paint for my PT cruiser. Great delivery service, only sad thing is that I have to sell my PT cruiser very soon. It was my dream car and was bursting with pride when I bought it and still do.but things change, life moves on and we have to sacrifice things from time to time and boy what a sacrifice! Guaranteed the next time I get the opportunity to buy another car it will deffinately be a PT Cruiser .so if you know anyone who wants to buy my purple PT ?.email me
1 September 2008 - Dreary Derbyshire

Lisa |
I have finally got my dream car, a purple PT cruiser! Im so excited, been looking at the site and want to spend a fortune!
31 August 2008 - Portsmouth UK

dave |
yeah thanks for the brilliant service
23 August 2008 - hove sussex

izabel |
just purchased inca gold dream pt cruiser whooo. has anyone any idea if there is a 'good looking' dog net or dog guard for cruisers? have searched the net in vain. in desperation, may adapt the cargo net to fit
20 August 2008 - London

Jeff Simmons |
does anyone know if the vanity light and mirror fittings are removable from the sun visor, please and if so do they just prise out.?
11 August 2008 - East Sussex

New pt cruiser forum you are welcome to join :
7 August 2008

richard and myrtle |
hy can any one help me, how do u remove masking tape marks from rear grey bumper ?
7 August 2008 - northumberland

richard and myrtle |
: great service nice people to deal with will be back soon for more great bits car looks great :
7 August 2008 - northumberland

Mike Larkin |
My cruiser is looking fantastic thanks to this site. Will upload some pics soon. It is now just a chrome beast. Speedy service and helpful advice when requested, a pleasure to buy from Would love to here from other cruiser owners
7 August 2008 - Rainy Mcr

Tom |
First class service and people to match,,,wouldnt use any where else. Can't wait for my next order to arrive. Many Thanks.
5 August 2008 - Sunny Devon,,,,Where else.

Nick Musson |
Ordered parts at 11am and had them in my grubby mit at 8 the next morning. Excellent service
4 August 2008 - Sleaford, lincs

mark draper |
Great site and a great car. Had mine for 2 weeks now, lots of "nice motor" from the locals and I'm 46 an my son is jaffed off. Ex wife who cares wot she thinks. Brill.
30 July 2008 - nottingham .england

Massimo |
Excellent service,super fast delivery,will use again. Thank you.
13 July 2008 - Italy, Pesaro, Gabicce Mare

mark sanderson |
hi just lke to say car looking great , fantastic company delivery very fast
7 July 2008 - cambridge england

glen b |
William, re chrome wheels, if you wash them regularly with warm soapy water (NOT washing up liquid, as it contains sodium, very bad!) dry them off then use something like Nevr Dull (an impregnated wadding cleaner), they should stay looking good. Besides, cleaning them is an excuse to spend some quality time with a quality car!!
7 July 2008 - rochester, kent

Dave & Liz |
Excellent service,super fast delivery,will use again. Thank you.
5 July 2008 - Abingdon.Oxfordshire

JF |
4 July 2008 - 62 FRANCE

William |
I am now a regular customer with the PT Co. and cannot praise them enough, my Cruiser is starting to look the part now many thanks I am looking for a set of 19" chrome wheels but have been told to go for alloy as chrome rusts!! any advice?
30 June 2008 - Reading Berkshire

Donna |
Hubby bought me the retro exhaust tip and PT valve caps, arrived next day, superb service. Looking forward to spending lots more monet with you!!
28 June 2008 - Clifton, Nottingham

Mike Crane.and Cliff |
27 June 2008 - ENGLAND

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