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Dave G
I was expecting to have to replace the front hub when I found out the previous owner of my latest PT had put the wheel on with a knife and fork, but thanks to another club member telling me studs are available from the PT Company I ordered tues and received thurs. A BIG THANKS GUYS
14 December 2013 - East Devon UK

Mike from Sweden!
Fast delivery and good service!
12 December 2013 - Sweden!

Thank you to the PT Company for the support and help when I was in Scotland: I needed some Spare parts and they delivered the required within two days! I had my beloved PT up and running again, with minor problems and no hassles. Thanks a lot indeed!
30 November 2013 - Farnborough

Sharon & Lewis
Guys it's great to have a team like you behind us with our first cruiser we will continue to use you as our support team.
26 November 2013 - Dumfries Scotland

Hi, I've bought my first Cruiser (wanted one for years). some idiot has run a supermarket trolley onto the wheel arch . I'm in need of a touch up paint. But I need to order the correct colour. Mine is the same colour as the one in your photo show on your home page. the red one ,photographed on a beach. Can anyone tell me the name of the colour. I,ve looked on an American site and I think my choice is between FLAME RED or INFERNO RED ??/ ANY HELP MUCH APPRECIATED.
22 November 2013 - England, UK

Wayne & Erica
And yet again a perfect service and a quality item,,,we will be back very soon
13 November 2013 - Sudbury, Suffolk

james taylor
Hi peeps just bought my 1st pt cruiser and spent £2000 today buying custom parts, just bought your split window cover and demon coil today off you and am wondering how long it takes for delivery? And thanks for beong the most comprehensive pt cruiser accesories provider, simply the best.
4 November 2013 - fife scotland

Wayne @ Erica
Thank you for your superb service again,,,will be back again very soon,,,,
30 October 2013 - Sudbury, Suffolk

Selwyn Jones
Thank you for the FANTASTIC service!!! I'm going to order from you guys again. THANK YOU!!!!!
28 October 2013 - Japan

Wayne @ Erica
Fantastic service and first class good again,,,we will be back soon
26 October 2013 - Sudbury, Suffolk

Mick Fensome
Great Site, brilliant service, got my first order last week, just waiting for the damn rain to stop so we can fit them, just ordered again, here's hoping for the same great service
22 October 2013 - Luton Bedfordshire

my 2006 convertable as lost one of its trims (chrome) cant seem to be able to buy them anywere. P.S. LOVE THE SITE
8 October 2013 - wales

Can not believe how quick items arrived, from placing the initial order. Thank you for your very prompt delivery, my mechanic is in shock
26 September 2013 - England

Hi am about to purchase a PT and want to know how efficient it is. I was advice of it difficulty in servicing. Want expert advice. However the content on this site gives me more hope for spare parts
12 September 2013 - Ghana

Pete and Glenis Mason
Hi, our air bag light is alway's on, how can we stop this.We have only just had the pt,
11 September 2013 - Stourport-on-seven uk

Wayne & Erica
superb servive and perfect item yet again,,,thanks pete
7 September 2013 - Sudbury, Suffolk

Pierpaolo From Italy !!
Hi, I'm searching for •Power Steering Pump for PT 2.2 Diesel but I didn't see it on site ? Do you have it ??
2 September 2013 - Italy

philip smith
hello i have just purchased a pt cruiser im wanting to do loads of stuff to it but my main request at the moment is that i have a 56 reg and it doesnt have cruise control but i was hoping to put one in it just wondering if u know if the stuff is already there so all i would need is to buy the stalk or would i need to buy everything for it then send it in to get engine remaped for the cruise control thanks plus i do have more questions for ya selfs but take to long via this plus ill do one t a time so i dont get confused lol many thanks phil
22 August 2013 - uk

Natalie Gallienne |
We have blinged up our cruiser using just your site great service and fast delivery. Thank you. will be send photos soon
17 August 2013 - Guernsey Channel Islands

Petter Andersen |
Your services are perfect. My order has arrived fast. I recommend your services. Thank you. Petter
10 August 2013 - Norway

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