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Thought I better add a little something here.I LOVE MY PT CRUISER!!! Really wasn't taken with them when they first came out, but since buying my scarlett beauty 4 months ago I am totally smitten!! What a fantastic car, drives like heaven and looks superb especially since adding the bodyline chrome strip.looks fantastic now. 2nd order coming shortly for lots more shiny bits!!! I am just so proud to become a PT Cruiser owner!! All I want to do is cruise along Route 66 now Great service from PT COMPANY too.Many Thanks xx
4 December 2011 - NOTTINGHAM, UK

steve schranz |
hey ,just got a 54 plate pt today and when i use thr right indcater the light at the front bottom 1s come on is this normal , also when i switch lights on all things go out inside the car ,ie; mileage display and the compass display
3 December 2011 - ross on wye ; herefordshire , england

Excellent service nice friendly correpondence one of the best companies i have ever delt with a must for any pt cruiser owner
26 November 2011 - Greenock Scotland

Got my parts sent by the pt company.Great service,thanks.
19 November 2011 - England

Just got my pt cruiser two weeks ago.What a great car alround.
13 November 2011 - England

debijaine williams |
just purchased a 2003 pt cruiser classic crd.spent lots of money on chrome parts.will never be rich but will have a beautiful car!!!
30 October 2011 - doncaster. uk

pulin fabien |
thank you for your service . you are of a rare skill my pt are very beautifull with your chrome
22 October 2011 - bordeaux france

Linda Smith |
I have just made my 3rd order with pt company and I must say I can't fault the service, my previous two orders were delivered to me in Spain within 4 days including the weekend, amazing, hope its the same this time. By the way, if any of my windows on my beautiful Ptcruiser were every broken (God forbid) where would I get replacements, as I have heard that they're hard to get, many thanks Linda x
20 October 2011 - Spain

Mats |
I ordered some items on Monday October 10 and they arrived on Thursday 13 - And I live in Sweden. Thatīs what I call Excellent service . Thanks!!
18 October 2011 - Sweden

Geoff Lee |
Can anybody help me. My 2001 PT Cruiser. My ABS and Traction Control lights came on on the dashboard then a couple of days later my handbrake light came on. The card still drives okay. Does anybody what the problem might be.
9 October 2011 - Chelmsford Essex

Richie |
A couple of questions. 1) My front fog lights don't work. The light doesn't come on on the dash but it does for the rears, any ideas? 2) My PT, 2005 Touring Diesel, only has a CD player/radio. Is it possible to fit the earlier model CD/Tape/Radio units? If so does anybody know where I can get one? Thanks for your time.
4 October 2011 - England

alex herrera |
great service fast delivery, just the best place to shop from.
22 September 2011 - south london uk

George J Evans |
Always excellent value and service, I have used your company since owning my Cruiser 2 years now and so do lot of members in the UK Cruiser Club .
20 September 2011 - Ross-on-Why Herefordshire UK

kevin |
hope to buy lots more thanks
11 September 2011 - uk

Janet Head |
Could anybody tell me how to get to the battery on a 2.2 Tourer Diesel - under the front passenger seat - without having to pay a fortune to go to a garage? Only had my Pt a week but I love it
11 September 2011 - Honiton, Devon

Webmaster comments   Give your local motor factors a call. It's possible that they might now be able to get one. Make sure it's the gel one for the diesel model that goes on it's side under the seat.

paul & Benita |
really good site, we have a 2004 22 cdr looking to inprove the looks great site great ideas :
9 September 2011 - England

Gordon McCulloch |
ordered two rear brake pipes @ 11.30 thursday arrived 09.00 Friday excellent service ,thanks Keith I will definately use your company again 1st Class service
9 September 2011 - Ayrshire Scotland

alex |
come si ativa il control cruis per csrysler pt cruiser del 2002 modelo turing 2.2cdr????
7 September 2011 - italia

Mike D |
My 2.0 LE was in a main dealer for a cambelt. They advised me my waterpump was leaking but were out of stock and expected them in the next 3 or 4 days. I telephoned Keith at the PTCompany and he sent one Special Delivery direct to the dealer for me! Original Chrysler part, and it cost LESS than half the dealer quoted me! Thanks Keith!
24 August 2011 - Essex, UK

Marko |
I order SCARY SKULL GEAR KNOB. Great stuff, fast delivery. TNX PTcompany, you have a new fan and a buyer
19 August 2011 - Croatia

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