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I noticed you don't have many interior parts for sale now. Such as speakers and vent surrounds. Will you be getting any more of these items? I have a 2005 2.4 GT. Many thanks for a great service
6 January 2015 - Haverhill England

Ken Hammond
Ignition lock barrel - Great product easy to fit and key to original key set. Thanks to PT Company my PT Cruiser is like new again.
18 December 2014 - United Kingdom

BONJOUR Vendez vous une crémaillère de direction assistée pour un PT CRUISER Cabriolet 2L4 de 2004 ?
10 November 2014 - France

Roger Bancells
From Catalonia, thanks so much for your serious, efficient job
4 November 2014 - Mataró, Barcelona, Catalonia

Joe Donnelly
Hi everyone, I have just fulfilled a dream. I first set eyes on the Chrysler Cruiser in New York circa 2000 and swore then that I would have one.It's taken rather longer than I imagined but there's now a beautiful black Cruiser sitting in my driveway. I can't stop looking at it!
3 November 2014 - Glasgow,Scotland

Ian Milton
Always a pleasure to purchase from you! Helpful, polite and patience when dealing with any queries. Excellent service. Just wish that it was as easy to service the engine as my '45 Jeep!
25 October 2014 - Kent United Kingdom

david riera riera
muy buenas!!!! hablan y entienden la lengua española????
21 October 2014 - españa

Can anybody help? I have a 2ltr Xreg Cruiser that keeps pushing its water out of the header tank. We have had a head gasket check, no trace of oil in the water or water in the oil, I've replaced the thermostat, pressure cap, all hoses and it is still doing it!
15 October 2014 - England

seraut alain
bonjour comment faire pour retrouvez une télécommande ref:P/N 04671642 complète(avec le circuit Electronique) pour un PT de 2002 !!! merci de votre réponse !!! alain.
15 October 2014 - caromb 84330 FRANCE

nurdin syam
I'm indonesian,how can I buy a car "pt cruiser"? can you help me to get my dream car call me +62 081999567894
4 October 2014 - bali-indonesia

Have spent nearer £600 at Chrysler dealer trying to get running pro bless sorted out . First one said key so got new key , no Chang . Second one said broken cable fixed no different said it was ecu had that checked was told by on other company it was okay, . So put it back in still same problem. When I try and start car there's a clicking coming from ecu and from front lefthand side of engine , sometimes it will start and run for a few second and then stop. Any ideas anyone ,
26 September 2014 - Uk

Has anyone fitted a different engine without the ecu unit into a pt cruiser . I.e something like a ford 2.0ltr Capri engine
26 September 2014 - Uk

ton weijenhoven
I've seen in some pictures that there's a special cover for the PT cabrio to cover the opened hood. I've just purchased a PT cabrio and the cover isn,t there. Maybe it doesn't even exist, but if it does it gives an extra beautiful look to the car. If it is available, please let me know. As well as the price of course. thanks
18 September 2014 - netherlands

mick and elaine
parts orderd wensday arived friday vary happy
12 September 2014 - uk

Placed my first order with you and then joined UK Cruisers. Very pleased with delievry time and quality.
4 September 2014 - Andover, Hampshire

Sue Collier
Excellant Service as always- Thank you
27 August 2014 - Burton upon Trent

Merci, ma commande est arrivée rapidement le tout très bien emballé. Site serieux et tres rapide.
22 August 2014 - France

hi im roy from uk cruisers will be ordering from you soon
21 August 2014 - lancashire

Vic Bristol
Ordered front wheel bearing and hub. Parts came well packed, 2 days later. Excellent quality. Problem sorted. Impressed with service. Thanks PT Company
8 August 2014 - United Kingdom

AnnMarie Revelli
I want to join a PT Cruiser club,anybody know any???
8 August 2014 - Croydon Pa.

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