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Hi, Does anyone know if a 2003 pt Cruiser complete suspension leg will fit a 2001 model. Thanks
14 August 2016 - Hednesford. (UK)

Webmaster comments   Hi,
Yes the 2003 suspension is exactly the same.

Necesito bomba hidraulica de una pt 2.2 modelo 2006. la mia hace ruido . gracias
11 August 2016 - Argentina

Hey guys, love the site, love my PT's, im in OZ so anything i want to buy i pay through the nose for it, sad. Wouldnt mind if anyone has the cruiser quarterly mags, i hope to buy parts from this site soon.
10 August 2016 - Australia

I've just picked my 2003 2.0 auto PT up today- LPG converted way back in 2006, a 50 mile drive home .what a great little car !!
30 July 2016 - Bristol,UK

jesuino jose barboza
Não vejo a hora da minha PT CRUISER LIMITED 2010 chegar. Pense numa ansiedade.
9 July 2016 - Brasil

Sir John Thomas lawton
Enjoying my PT Cruiser and your website.Cheers
4 July 2016 - USA

Dennis Walker
Most impressed with the service you provide, received parcel of Master Bush Set ordered yesterday, dispatched 18:07 last night, time received 14 30 today. Great to do business with you, to quote a well known personage "I will be back". Thank you all.
28 June 2016 - Surrey England

My second PT with parts and advice from the guys. Excellent service great advice, two qualified workshops could not diagnose dropping gauges on a 2006. Diagnosed and part supplied next day with these guys. FYI the upgraded coils leads and filter transform the car with on average 4mpg added on top of performance.
4 June 2016 - Uk

Great website
11 May 2016 - Tn.

Stephen ward
Thanks again all my parts arrived on time couldn't wait and fitted them right away I've got the bug now can't wait to order more parts
2 May 2016 - Valencia spain

2007 PT Cruiser Cabriole just purchased and the weather strip along the top edge of the boot is perishing am looking for a replacement without any luck can anyone out there help please
22 March 2016 - UK

Tim Dolman
Excellent all round service and delivery will us again Thank you .
16 March 2016 - UK

Excellent service with fast delivery! Thank you Keith
15 March 2016 - Podgorica, Montenegro

malcolm parry
Just acquiredsome extras for my PT cruiser filler cap cover and the windows draft excludetcllikeII kaveri also order the chrome mirror covers and water jet covers the service is exemplary and very quick delivery than you Keith a brilliant service.
14 March 2016 - Birmingham uk

Joe Donnelly
Hi, I can't believe how quickly you processed my order for Chrome Rear Light Trims. I only placed the order yesterday and they arrived this morning. Absolutely outstanding service.Now I need to save up for my running boards!
9 March 2016 - Cathcart, Glasgow, Scotland.

Paolo & Luisa
Finalmente abbiamo trovato la nostra macchina : PT Cruiser Limited una macchina con un cuore
1 March 2016 - Rovigo Italia

stephen ward
thanks keith you are a life saver ( for my beat up pt cruiser 2.0 special edition )its old but bit by bit I can browse the web site and pick out my next part to replace I find your web site easy to use and buying is so straight forward considering I live in Valencia Spain
21 February 2016 - spain

Thanks for the continued great service Keith. My '05 2.4 Limited is still cruising.
18 February 2016 - Bristol

Bonjour à vous tous, B Merci pour Mon PT 150cv, et pour cette rapidité propreté et un matos parfait doucement je le personnalise afin de le trouver encore plus beau. Alors merci à vous. PS/ de 150cv j'aimerai le qu'il passe à 180cv ? mais il faut pas mettre n'importe quoi. Merci à tous Pro.
3 February 2016 - France

Zsolt Puskas
Keith,thanks everything! ;)
2 February 2016 - Manchester

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