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ptnoir/Franck |
Merci pour votre rapidité et votre gentillesse. Je recommande votre webshop à tous mes contacts
17 August 2006 - France

gina from Cornwall UK |
JUST ordered a red PT cruiser, ready to pick up on the 1st of September - will now concentrate on the bling!!! Can't wait to join the club!
16 August 2006 - United kingdom Cornwall

mike wilson |
Bought a front visor, had it fitted - it looks fantastic and sets the pt out from the crowds, many thanks for your help
11 August 2006 - leeds west yorkshire

laurence |
Well done to Cor of the Netherlands,what a fab motor and those headlights WOW.It just goes to show what a bit of imagination and skill can do for our PT.s
7 August 2006 - lockerbie scotland

Rob Craddock |
Purchased my silver 2.0ltd edit Cruiser on an 02 plate (with 16500 genuine miles!) last monday and i am now totally in love with this car! It came with chrome wheels so have chromed it some more so a big thanks to Keith and Pete for your excellent service as i received my bit's last friday. What a superb machine! Anyone going to Nothampton
1 August 2006 - Braintree Essex

joanne in leeds |
luv our inferno red pt, luv it even more when we finish sticking the bling on!!
1 August 2006 - leeds, yorkshire

brother fred friends of my PT Family
Have fun enjoy your pt i just got a 06 pt on july 9 and i'm enjoying it. Also I have been lucky enough to have a 05 magnum, anyways stay safe. enjoy.
11 July 2006 - USA

Leemans Francis |
Mijn PT Cruiser word er als maar toffer uit zien PT company is de beste on line schop voor onderdelen om je PT te pimpen goede kwaliteit en snelle eerlijke services thank you PT company , go on like this
2 July 2006 - Nijlen Belgium

Kev Secker |
Thanks for fast delivery and great parts, will be back for more kev
26 June 2006 - Gt Yarmouth England Uk

Barry and Marion MacIntosh |
Have just joined the PT owners club and enjoying every minute of driving our silver 2002 Tourer! Ordered reversing sensors and chrome handles from this site and just want to say what a great service and fantastic items. Your instructions for fitting the senors were spot on - we feel a lot safer now when reversing!! Will definately be ordering more stuff from this site. Thanks again
18 June 2006 - Bonnybridge, Scotland

Laurence Mcphee |
Now driving my 2nd pt cruiser classic. Only one thing bugs me about this great yank, the steering/wheel lock. It takes some manouvering in tight situations. looking forward to getting your new catalogue
18 June 2006 - kirkpatrick fleming, lockerbie

Alex |
Owned my 2001 Inferno Red Cruiser for a year now, and still love it to death, best car ever. Still saving up for twin exhaust and performance parts
14 June 2006 - Manchester UK

spencer morgan thomas |
hi, looking at the new smoothie wheels and liking!!! Just wondering if there would be a possibility of sending out a catalogue? Many thanks.
14 June 2006 - Swansea, Wales

Webmaster comments   Hi Spencer, we are working on the new catalogue but it is taking a little longer than expected. As soon as it is ready we will let everyone know. Update - now available.

Michelle Davies |
Ordered some rear lights and brake light flames - could go on and on buying after looking at this site!! Excellent service and very prompt - keep up the good work!!!!
14 June 2006 - cardiff

Steve Markham
Have purchased many top products from the PT Company to make my 54 plate Limited Edition Cruiser stand out from the crowd and am still buying. Top company, all great stuff. THANKS
24 May 2006 - Sheffield, England

Ian H
Help please!!! The 2 x auxiliary power sockets do not appear to be working. Could this be a fuse issue and if so where is it located, as all the other electrical parts appear to be working fine? Any help gratefully appreciated. Ian
21 May 2006 - UK

Webmaster comments   Hi Ian, as you say it does sound like the fuse, which is under the bonnet. On the right had side behind the air filter housing there is a plastic cover with the words, 'Positive jump start attachment' on it. Press in the plastic catch to the right of the wording to remove the cover. The fuse to check is a 20 amp one, marked 'PWR' on the inside of the lid. Pete

Maurice |
C'est un fournisseur super top la preuve regarder les résultats sur les photos, pour + de question ou simple contacte écrivez moi. a+
18 May 2006 - France

Hi all, I have a 2005 silver 2.2 limited, thanks to Pete and Keith now have plenty of Bling inside and out with still more to come. The service from these guy's is first class and are both very helpful. Keep up the good work. Dave
14 May 2006 - Portsmouth

Ian H
Picked up my '52 plate Limited today. Took a long drive to work.....and an even longer drive back home....!! The Light Almond colour, is that a pearl or normal metallic please?
8 May 2006 - UK

Webmaster comments   Hi Ian, The official colour is Light Almond pearl metallic.

Keith C
Just become the proud owner of a 53 plate 2.0L Touring. I fell in love with the look of the PT's when they first were launched and had never been able to afford one, until now. What a fantastic car and now I know where to come for all the parts, what a great site!
7 May 2006 - Merseyside UK

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