Customers Cars

We are always interested to see photos' of customers cars. If you have bought accessories from us and would like to add your Cruiser, then please email your photos along with your full name here

Tim's PT Cruiser    
Tim from Tewkesbury - UK    
Arvid's Tangerine Dream PT Cruiser John's PT Cruiser Convertible Keith's PT Cruiser
Gun & Arvid from Son - Norway John from Witham - UK Keith from Erith - UK
Chris's PT Cruiser Andys PT Cruiser Chris's PT Cruiser
Chris from Slough - UK Andy from Dundee - UK Chris from Tonbridge - UK
Philip's PT Cruiser Jim's PT Cruiser Chad's PT Cruiser
Philip from Wickford - UK Jim from Manlius - USA Chad from California - USA
Theo's PT Cruiser Tony's PT Cruiser Ben's PT Cruiser convertible
Theo from Hoorn - Netherlands Tony from Kingswood - Australia Ben from Mattapoisett - USA
Masakazu's PT Cruiser Pedro's PT Cruiser Adam's PT Cruiser
Masakazu from Sakai shi - Japan Pedro from Mértola - Portugal Adam from Leicester - UK
Martha's PT Cruiser Chris's PT Cruiser Francois PT Cruiser
Marsha from Alaska - USA Chris from Langley - UK Francois from Belfort - France
Nathan's PT Cruiser van Gordon's PT Cruiser Damien's PT Cruiser
Nathan from Port Talbot - UK Gordon from Shoreham by Sea - UK Damien from Campbelltown - Australia
Eric's PT Cruiser Cabrio Clement's PT Cruisers Renato's PT Cruiser
Eric from Bryson - Canada Clément from Paris - France Renato from Argentina
Viktoria's PT Cruiser Michel's PT Cruiser Terry's PT Cruiser Cabrio
Viktoria from Teneriffe Michel from Palavas les Flots - France Terry from Chichester -UK
Laurent's PT Cruiser Corne's PT Cruiser Alan's PT Cruiser
Laurent from Colembert - France Corne from Goirle - Netherlands Alan from Leicester - UK
Udo-Chris's PT Cruiser Philippe's PT Cruisers Christine's Rout 66 PT Cruiser
Udo-Chris from Ludwigshafen - Germany Philippe from Saint Vincent de Paul - France Christine from Nottingham - UK
Jason's PT Cruiser Andy's PT Cruiser Mark and Karen's PT Cruiser
Jason from Fürstenfeldbruck - Germany Andy from Baldock - UK Mark and Karen from Linton - UK
dale's PT Cruiser John's PT Cruiser Mick's PT Cruiser
Dale from Chesterfield - UK John from Southend-on-Sea - UK Mick from Mickleover - UK
Brian's PT Cruiser Peter's PT Cruiser mike's PT Cruiser
Brian from Leeds - UK Peter from Cornwall - UK Mike from Essen - Germany
Keith's PT Cruiser Douglas's PT Cruiser Marja's PT Cruiser
Keith from Erith - UK Douglas from Teneriffe Marja from Munstergeleen - Nederland
Martin's PT Cruiser Patrick's PT Cruiser Mark's PT Cruiser van
Martin from Gloucester - UK Patrick from La Choux-de-Fonds Switzerlland Mark from Rayleigh - UK
Rickard's PT Cruiser Pedro's PT Cruiser Trevor's PT Cruiser
Rickard from Nyland - Sweden Pedro from Mértola - Portugal Trevor from Buckie - UK
Dazza's PT Cruiser Benoit's PT Cruiser Jean-Claude's PT Cruiser
Dazza from Bristol - UK Benoit from Wervicq Sud - France Jean Claude from Voisins le Bretonneux - France
Micke's PT Cruiser and caravan
Phil's PT Cruiser
Maurice's PT Cruiser
Micke from Garde - Sweden
Phil from Whitley Bay - UK
Maurice from Den Haag - Netherlands
Terry's PT Cruisers Paul's PT Cruiser Garry's PT Cruiser
Terry from West Sussex - UK Paul from Winchester - UK Garry from Suffolk - UK
Michaels PT Cruiser Graham's PT Cruiser Michel's PT Cruiser
Michel from Chambly QC - Canada Graham from the Isle of Wight - UK Michel from Listrac Médoc - France
Ian's PT Cruiser Bev's PT Cruiser Rob's PT Cruiser
Ian from near Heathrow - UK Bev from Milton Keynes - UK Rob from Fleet - UK
Aurelle's PT Cruiser
Zsolt's PT Cruiser
Helen's PT Cruiser
Aurelle from Hoorn - The Netherlands
Zsolt from Manchester - UK
Helen from Manchester - UK
Philippe's PT Cruiser
Charles' PT Cruiser
Sean's PT Cruiser
Philippe from Beziers - France
Charles' from Kettering - UK
Sean from Southampton - UK
Johan's PT Cruisers
Christina's PT Cruiser
Soren's PT Cruiser
Johan from Osthammar - Sweden
Christina from Altamonte Springs - USA
Søren from Ebeltoft - Denmark
Terry's PT Cruiser
Sonja's PT Cruiser
Dennis's PT Cruiser
Terry from Chichester - UK
Sonja from Sint Annaparochie - Netherlands
Dennis from Aberdeen
Michael's PT Cruiser
Gareth's PT Cruiser
Sue's PT Cruiser
Michael from Burnham-on-Sea - UK
Gareth from Cardiff - UK
Sue from Rochford - UK
Martyn's PT Cruiser
Holger's PT Cruiser
Joe's PT Cruiser
Martyn from Weston Super Mare - UK
Holger from Sonneberg - Germany
Joe from Glasgow - UK
Edoardo's PT Cruiser
Les's PT Cruiser
Benoit's PT Cruiser
Edoardo from Monza - Italy
Ray from Wolverhampton - UK
Benoît  from Wervicq Sud - France
Martyn's PT Cruiser
Wayne's PT Cruiser
Jan's PT Cruiser
Martyn from Weston Super Mare - UK
Wayne from Northampton -UK
Jan from Osterøy - Norway
Gerry's PT Cruiser
Dominique's Cruiser
Mihail's PT Cruiser
Gerry from London - UK
Dominique from Pontivy - France
Mihail from Slatina - Romania
Svenni's PT Cruiser
Peter's PT Cruiser
Will's PT Cruiser
Svenni from Elsinore - Denmark
Peter from Hobart - Tasmania
Will from Edenbridge - UK
Wayne's PT Cruiser
Kerry's PT Cruiser
Donnie's PT Cruiser
Wayne from Sudbury - UK
Kerry from Dumfries - UK
Donnie from Skegness - UK
Danny's PT Cruiser
Roman's PT Cruiser
Erica's PT Cruiser
Danny from Oosthuizen - Netherlands
Roman from Bratislava - Slovakia
Erica from Sudbury - UK
Gary's PT Crusier
Per's PT Cruiser
Steve's PT Cruiser
Gary from Walton-on-Thames - UK
Per from Bromolla - Sweden
Steve from Hastings - UK
Muriel's PT Cruiser
John's PT Cruiser
Rene's PT Cruiser
Thibaut from Rodez - France
John from Mickelover - UK
René from Oostkapelle - Netherlands
Arvid's PT Cruiser
Pete's PT Cruiser
Arvid from Son - Norway
Maggie from Washington - UK
Pete from Manchester - UK
Ewa & Tony's PT Cruiser
Frank's PT Cruiser
Ian's PT Cruiser
Ewa and Tony from Gothenburg - Sweden
Frank from Gavere - Belgium
Ian from Macclesfield - UK
Eric's PT Cruiser
John Munster's Cruiser
Jean-Noel's PT Cruiser
Eric from Villeparisis - France
John Munster - Ireland
Jean-Noel from Pont-de-Buis - France
Rogers PT Cruiser
Larry's Candy Apple Red Cruiser
Tony's PT Cruiser
Roger from Maidstone - UK
Larry's Candy Apple Red Cruiser - Rhyl
Tony from Wallington - UK
Peter's PT Cruiser
Richard's PT Cruiser
Malcolm's PT Crusier
Peter from Eastbourne - UK
Richard from South Devon - UK
Malcolm from Wigan - UK
Jean-Marc's PT Cruiser
Thierry's PT Cruiser
Peter's PT Cruiser
Jean-Marc from St Caprais - France
Thierry from Miannay - France
Peter from Loughborough - UK
Gilles's PT Cruiser
Kevin's PT Cruiser
Gert's PT Cruiser
Gilles from Cuges les Pins - France
Kev and Liz from Norfolk - UK
Gert from Denmark
Hans's PT  Cruiser
Donald's PT Cruiser
Bill's PT Cruiser
Hans from Velm-Götzendorf - Austria
Donald from Vindeln - Sweden
Bill from Toront - UK
Frederic's PT Cruiser
Christine's PT Cruiser
Bob's PT Cruiser
Frédérick from Baudoncourt - France
Alan & Chrissy from Nottingham - UK
Bob from Lliria - Spain
Jean-Michel's Cruiser
Holger's PT Cruiser
Rudolph's PT Cruiser
Jean-Michel from Anstaing - France
Holger from Sonneburg - Germany
Rudolph from St Pauls Bay - Malta
Debi-Jaine's Cruiser
Ian's PT Cruiser
Martin's Cruiser
Debi-Jaine from Doncaster - UK
Ian from Mexborough - UK
Martin from Birmingham - UK
Alex's Cruiser
Pieter & Tracie's Cruiser
Alan's Cruiser
Alex from South London - UK
Pieter & Tracie - Netherlands
Alan from Darlington - UK
Lyn's Cruiser
Jarka's PT Cruiser
Jason's PT Cruiser
Lyn from Warrigton - UK
Jarka from Nove Straseci - Czech Republic
Jason from Geelong - Australia
Scott's Cruiser
Terry's Cruiser
Keith's PT Cruiser
Scott from Denny - Scotland
Terry from Lincoln - UK
Keith from Woolgoolga - Australia
Joe's PT Cruiser
Keith's PT Cruiser
Gordon's PT Cruiser
Joe from Leicester - UK
Keith from Hook - UK
Gordon from Ayrshire - UK
Bjorn's PT Cruser
Lesley's PT Cruiser
Bruno's PT Cruiser
Björn from Bromma - Sweden
"Thelma" from Hull - UK
Bruno de Vierzon - France
Andy 's  Convertible PT
Alan's PT Cruiser
Jaques's PT Cruiser
Andy from Norfolk - UK
Alan from Bletchley - UK
Jaques from Joinville - France
Rinus's PT Cruiser
Ferry's Cruisers
Daniel's PT Cruiser
Rinus from Hellevoetsluis- Netherlands
Ferry from Marzy - France
Daniel from São José - Brazil
Vic's PT Cruiser
Pierre's PT
Philippe's PT Cruiser
Vic from Colchester - UK
Pierre from Borgo - Corsica
Philippe from Beziers - France
Colin's PT Cruiser
Frank's PT Cruiser
Larry's PT Cruiser
Colin from Leigh - UK
Frank from Wiesbaden - Germany
Larry from Rhyl - UK
Gilbert's Cruiser
Rob's PT Cruiser
Ed's PT Cruiser
Gilbert from Bury - UK
Rob from Grimsby - UK
Ed from Solihull - UK
Claes's PT Woody
Olivier's Cruisers
Clement's PT Cruiser
Claes from Sweden
Olivier from France
Clément from France
Gaz's Cruiser
David's PT Cruiser
Risto's PT Cabrio
Gaz from Rugeley - UK
David from Leighton Buzzard - UK
Risto from Sweden
Ken's Cruiser
Tony and Jo's Cruiser
Phil's PT Cruiser
Ken from Colchester - UK
Tony & Jo from Hockley - UK
Phil from Stoke on Trent - UK
Jules's PT Cruiser
Wendy's PT
Luigi's PT Cruiser
Jules from Oxfordshire - UK
Wendy from Swansea - UK
Luigi from France
Joanne's PT Cruiser
Zeb & Jayne's Cruiser
Nick and Diana's PT
Joanne from Manchester - UK
Zeb & Jayne from Gloucestershire UK
Nick & Diana from Rochester - UK
Alice's PT Cruiser
Stuart's PT Cruiser
Ken's PT Cruiser
Alice from Italy
Stuart from Kettering - UK
Ken from Bristol - UK
Marco's PT Cruiser
Simon's Cruiser
Derrick's PT Cruiser
Marco from the Netherlands
Simon and Kerry from Essex - UK
Derrick from Northolt - UK
Greg's Cruiser
Hakan's Cruiser
Alfonso' PT Cruiser
Greg from Milton Keynes - UK
Håkan from Sweden
Alfonso from Verona - Italy
Ian's Cruiser
Robert's PT
William's PT Cruiser
Ian from Stoke on Trent - UK
Robert from Hull - UK
William from Reading - UK
Lee's PT
Hankey's Cruiser
Chip's PT Cruiser
Lee from Bridgend - UK
Hankey from Germany
Chip from Birmingham - UK
Massimo's PT Cruiser
Jim's Cruiser
Carls PT Cruiser
Massimo from Italy
Jim from Suffolk - UK
Carl from West Midlands - UK
Paul's PT Cruiser
Dan's PT Cruiser
Kris's Cruiser
Paul from Wakefield - UK
Dan from Czech Republic
Kris from Accrington - UK
Bob'a PT Cruiser
Leo's PT Cruiser
Brian's Cruiser
Bob from Boston, Lincs - UK
Leo from Dagenham - UK
Brian from Newbury - UK
Jon's Cruiser
Geir's PT Cruiser
Ray's Cruiser
Jon from Nottingham - UK
Geir from Sarpsborg - Norway
Ray from Newcastle - UK
Dave's Cruiser
John's PT
Jean Pierre's Cruiser
Dave from Portsmouth - UK
John from Ware - UK
Jean-Pierre from Nice - France
Manos's Cruiser
Christine's Cruiser
Becky's Cruiser
Manos from Athens - Greece
Christine from Johannesburg - South Africa
Becky from Devon - UK
Adam's Cruiser
Lesley's Cruiser
Peter's Cruiser
Adam from Lowestoft - UK
Lesley from Prestwick - UK
Peter from Kent - UK
John's Cruiser
Dave's Cruiser
Andrew's PT
John from Australia
Dave from Lancashire - UK
Andrew from North London - UK
Giovanni's Cruiser
Alvin's cruiser
Lawrence's cruiser
Giovanni from Italy
John from Canada
Lawrence form Ipswich - UK
Lynn and Mick's Cruiser
Wayne's Cruiser
GertJans's Cruiser
Lynn & Mick from Lowestoft - UK
Wayne from Kent - UK
GertJan from The Netherlands
Christine's Cruiser
Steve's Cruiser
Kev's Cruiser
Christine from France
Steve from Sheffield - UK
Kev + Rita from Great Yarmouth - UK
Trevors's Cruiser
Louise's Cruiser
Thierry's Cruiser
Trevor from Southampton - UK
Louise from Canada
Thierry from France
Gerry's Cruiser
Chris's cruiser
Nikki's cruiser
Gerry from London - UK
Chris from UK
Nikki from Eastbourne - UK
Michael A's PT
Darren's Cruiser
Jorgen's Cruiser
Michael A. from France
Darren from UK
Jorgen form Denmark
Elaine's Cruiser
Kreecher's Cruiser
Ian's Cruiser
Elaine from UK
Kreecher from UK
Ian S. from UK
Colin's Cruiser
Cor's Cruiser
Ian's Cruiser
Colin from UK
Cor from Netherlands
Ian from Nottingham - UK
Michael's Cruiser
Andy's cruiser
Dave's cruiser
Michael from UK
Andy from UK
Dave from UK
Paride's Cruiser
Rick's Cruiser
Maurice's Cruiser
Paride from Italy
Ricky from Oxford - UK
Maurice from France
Phillipe's Cruiser
John's Cruiser
Franci's Cruiser
Phillipe from France
John from UK
Franci from Italy

Christine's Cruiser

Frank's Cruiser

Richard's Cruiser

Christine from UK
Frank from Portugal
Richard from UK