About us

The PT Company was founded in 2004 by myself, (Pete) and fellow PT enthusiast Keith to supply quality accessories and parts exclusively for PT Cruisers.
So, how did we come to start the company? In 2002, my fiancée, Lucy and I, travelled to the USA for the first time to get married in Las Vegas. It’s a terrific place - a Disney World for adults describes this cartoon town perfectly. We had only intended to spend 4 days there but ended up staying there for a whole two weeks!
Whilst there, we couldn’t help noticing the PTs that were literally cruising along the Strip. They looked so impressive, different colours, and customised with all sorts of bits and pieces - grilles, lights, bumpers, wheels and of course, lots of chrome. To our surprise and delight, we found we could hire a PT Cruiser from our hotel for around £30 a day. So very soon we were on our way to Death Valley in a metallic taupe Classic model. The first thing that impressed me from the driving seat was just how well the old car aura had been carried through to the interior.

Lucy and the PT Cruiser

So much so, that it was a real surprise at just how well the car performed and cruised effortlessly at high speeds. Out on the road other PT drivers gave us a cheery wave. How many other hire cars would elicit that response?

Back home again and very soon we were the proud owners of a deep cranberry Touring PT. Since then I’ve clocked up over 50,000 miles. It’s still as much fun to drive and own - and, as a bonus, it’s very practical too of course.

A growing number of other PT owners enquired about the extras on my car, so hence this website which I hope you will find useful. Virtually all our accessories and parts are on the shelf for immediate despatch. We are constantly adding more items, but if you can’t find something here that you would like for your cruiser, or you have any other queries, please contact us.

In October 2013 I fancied a change - and bought another PT Cruiser. It is 2002 2.0 litre in Stone white - the only 2000-2005 PT that I've seen here in the UK in that colour. It needed some repairs but fortunately I had all the spare parts to fix it!

Pete's Stone White  PT Cruiser
Pete's Cranberry PT Cruiser