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Jon |
To Ritchie - Try here lap-tab(dot)co(dot)uk They did the chromed alloys from my previous yank. Various finishes - see the website. Hope it works out for you. Jon.
20 February 2009 - Manchester

nick and di |
paule, haven't had my pt chipped or remapped but try Impossible Performance in Canterbury they do all that sort of stuff. let me know the result if you do it
20 February 2009 - england

paule |
anyone had there pt chipped or remapped Anyone had there pt chipped or remapped? Can you recomend a Co, or product?
19 February 2009 - UK

david |
For your information only. I 've just finished writing a major political thriller set against the backdrop of the Olympic Games of 2012 and featuring a PT Cruiser in the closing chapters. The novel is called Chameleon Skin and it will be published later this year.
17 February 2009 - England

Jules |
Anyone tell me where I can get get a fascia for my dash - the centre console. I have a 2000 PT which I cant bear to part with but the centre console is worn and want a cover for it.and I dont want fake wood!
12 February 2009 - sleepy cotswolds

richie |
can anyone tell me where i can get my chrome wheels refurbished for my pt cruiser
10 February 2009 - northumberland england

Frenchcruiser |
Great service, quick delivery time, top parts. It was the first but not the last time I ordered parts on your website !!! thanks for all and I'm already looking for new items
7 February 2009 - Switzerland

Karen P. |
Great service ordered parts (bushes for suspension) late thursday night and they arrived special delivery saturday. FIngers crossed my little cruiser now passes her MOT!!
7 February 2009 - Northern Ireland

nick and di |
to amy of oxford congratulations on ya first pt trust me you will love it most pt drivers are really freindly and wave when you pass each other its the best car ive had and we love it dont know about any local meets but im sure some one will let ya know enjoy ya pt and happy motoring
5 February 2009 - england

Amy - Oxford |
Just brought my 1st Cruiser, are there any local meets???
4 February 2009 - Oxfordshire

trevor goodison |
anyone had a problem with gearbox on cruiser 2l petrol year of car is 2001, thanks
31 January 2009 - ireland

nick and di |
fantastic service orded port holes and fender strips friday 1pm was delived next day saturday 9am great stuff and excelent qaulity keep it pt company looking forward to ordering more mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm now what will it be
31 January 2009 - england

olivier |
comme d'hab , le colis arrive 4 jours apres la commande , super , plus rapide et moins cher que chrysler je peux faire mes freins dès ce week-end
30 January 2009 - saint malo ,france

olivier |
comme d'hab , le colis arrive 4 jours apres la commande , super , plus rapide et moins cher que chrysler
30 January 2009 - saint malo ,france

nick and di |
just ordered oval portholes and fender strips for me pt. can't wait till they come to put them on. happy days
30 January 2009 - england

nick and di |
hi donald love to move to california but i'm stuck here in good old england so need to find another answer to my problem. as much as i love my pt i can't keep washing it every day, or can i. ha ha. by the way great web site
24 January 2009 - england

donald |
i placed an order here on friday lunchtime it was delivered the next morning(saturday) and i'm in scotland, best service ive ever had . and no i'm not connected with this company ,,,,,BRILLIANT

donald |
to nick and di easiest way to keep your chrome like new is to move to California and take it with you
23 January 2009 - scotland

nick and di |
can any one tell me how to keep all my chrome parts looking good only im having trouble with keeping them really shiny with the winter weather is there some thing i can clean them with?
18 January 2009 - england

Paddy |
My PT is the best motor ever produced she is now 5 years old and I can't bring myself to part with her after owning her for 4 years.Has anybody any parts they wish to sell for a 2003 petrol model allways interested in a bargain.Keep up the good work PTC
18 January 2009 - Frinton on sea Essex

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