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Richard Lewis
Fantastic service from both Pete and Keith. Knowledgable, ever helpful and always the correct information. I always buy from them. And the delivery to Denmark from the UK is always fast. Thanks for your attentive service. Long live PT Company UK! Best, Richard
2 November 2020 - Denmark

Dear Sir, dear Madam, I would like to ask for a official paper / permission for a wheel combination of 205 50 17 tire/wheel combination. I have mounted original Chrysler PT Cruiser Wheels. Original in papers are only 205 55 16. So i have a new landing gear ( KW No. 102 27 002 / KW GFw INOX V1* / parts approval No. 1362/10 ) I mounted the tires / wheels. To register in my vehicle registration i need a proof of load capacity ( 1.080 kg and higher ). The (limited) wheels were on a Turbo which is much heavier . Thank you very much, best regards, Viele Grüsse Klaus Kother
12 October 2020 - Munich, Germany

Alan Yau
Very hard to source PT Cruiser trim chrome accessories no. Original owner of 2001 Limited cruiser driven 17 years at 299k km, bought another same PT and want to dress them up as twins, Should have got accessories when they were widely available now hard to get new. at least PT company is still around, hope they can still source some good stuff
3 October 2020 - Canada

Ron Day
Does anyone know of a reasonably priced scanner that will do the abs on my 2000 Cruiser 2.0 ltr?
8 September 2020 - Cornwall

Allan B Nielsen
I just purchased a 2005 Cruiser Turbo. As soon as I got it home I started having idle problems and the dreaded engine block icon in the speedometer display. I took it to a shop that said they new what to do. $600 later same problem. Took it home and started reading the shop manual. I replaced sensors and noticed that this car had no battery heat sensor. Does anyone know if this is normal for this year. Anyone out there know who I can take this car to. I purchased it for my wife and we love it. Help
25 August 2020 - Calhoun, GA USA

Many thanks for your quick response for my faulty PCV valve. Good team, Regards Alan and Chrissy. Route 66.
12 August 2020 - uk

David Hand
I've been told that my Engine Management Unit (EMU) may need replacing for my 2006 Cruiser. Can anyone tell where where one can be purchased and a rough price, please.
28 July 2020 - Bristol

Can anybody recommend a workshop/garage as mine is in need of some TLC and the local garage doesn't seem to know anything about PT cruisers. My local Chrysler dealer closed down a couple of years back.
29 November 2019 - Feltham

This is my favourite website, to simply just browse! I have just purchased my 3rd PT Cruiser!!!!!! Nothing compares to what has to be, 'the most beautiful car in the world!' My husband bought my first for me and I enjoyed it for 10 years. It is very much a marmite car, loved by those of us with good taste!
11 June 2019 - Cambridgeshire

Graham Eyles
Hi looking for name badge for boot lid pt cruiser
26 May 2019 - Devon

Graham eyles
Had a cruiser 2 weeks now just founding my way around her noticed both front seats the trim nearest the door is broke anywhere I can get some mine are grey in colour
12 May 2019 - Plymouth Devon

Jim R
Awesome site that it's been a pleasure working with Keith. I'm sure that if its available you have my order. Service was outstanding shipping to the states great turn around time !!!
26 March 2019 - Florida and Upstate New York

Absolutely love this company, these are the absolute go to guys, so helpful and so easy to find the right part on the website - very user friendly. Love my cruiser
8 March 2019 - United Kingdom

Jean Marie
thank you very much especially to Keith, for the preparation of my order
15 February 2019 - France

Good evening. Any chance to find an exhaust manifold for a 1.6L 16V 85Kw engine (2001 PT) ? Code printed on the part is 04777937AB. It is missing into the list on this website. Thanks in advance for your response.
30 December 2018 - Italy

Hi. I must be running one of the last remaining Neon's in the UK - the old rubber bushes started 'knocking' every c.2 years but the red polyurethane ones have been in there for about 5 years now. Used daily over the worst British potholes. My mechanic was not so complimentary after he installed them - he really used some 'technical' language - but hopefully he wont have to put on another set. Ever. It's a great car for UK roads apart from the rubber bushes which makes your product an essential upgrade. Thank you.
28 December 2018 - reading

Phil Holloway
Part ordered on a Monday afternoon and arrived Tuesday morning in the post. Excellent service, thanks and will certainly be using the PT Company again.
18 December 2018 - Dorset

Gary Hedger
Awesome service, part delivered to my local garage and car all fixed in a day. Thank you for great service. Gary
11 December 2018 - Waterlooville, UK

Ici on trouve tout ce qu'il n'y a pas ailleurs pour équiper son PT Merci
29 November 2018

Chris Martin
I’ve been a customer here for a few years and recently have needed the very professional service The PT Company provides, fast honest service is second to non and I’d highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you for your help and advice
27 November 2018 - England (Cotswolds)

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