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PT Cruiser Exterior Accessories

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These simulated Hood Vents are made of highly polished stainless steel and add a really nice retro hot-rod look to your PT. Very easy to fit, they are backed with 3M double sided tape. Fits 2000 - 2010.

Code: HV1 £129.75 (includes VAT) OUT OF STOCK


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Let in the fresh air and still keep the passenger compartment quiet and comfortable. These translucent dark grey wind deflectors are the most popular type which fit into the window channels. 4 piece set for the front and back windows. Fits 2000 - 2010.

Code: WD1 £39.95 (includes VAT)


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Add a touch of ‘bling’ to the front of your PT. These self adhesive vinyl trim pieces have a chrome finish which reflects the fog light lenses. Fits 2000-2005 models.

Code: FLT Set of two £9.95 (includes VAT)


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These indicator bulbs flash amber in the usual way but when off have a chrome finish giving a much better look to the PT’s headlights. Imported from the USA, as Chrysler bulbs differ from those of other car manufacturers. Fits 2000 - 2010.

Code: BU15 £16.99 per pair (includes VAT)


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Replacement bulbs for the PT Cruiser

1. Fog Light halogen bulb. There are two types of bulb used, either BU1 or BU1A.
Code: BU1 (type 9006) 2000-2005 £7.35 each (includes VAT)
Code: BU1A (type 9145) 2006-2010 £7.95 each (includes VAT)

2. Universal bulb on the PT Cruiser used for the following:
Rear Indicator, Rear tail / brake stop light, Reversing light, Rear fog light
Code: BU2 (type 3157) £2.75 each (includes VAT)

3. Amber indicator bulb
Code: BU3 £3.65 (type 3757A) each (includes VAT)

4. Centre Brake Light bulb
Code: BU4 (type 921-W16W) £2.15 each (includes VAT)

5. Bulb used for the following: Front side / park light, Side indicator, Rear number plate light.
Code: BU5 (type W5W) £1.90 each (includes VAT)

6. Headlight High Beam (inner light bulb).
Code: BU6 (type 9005 XS) £11.60 each (includes VAT)

7. Headlight Low Beam (middle light bulb).
Code: BU7 (type H7) £5.40 each (includes VAT)

8. Red bulb for the rear fog light in the clear TYC reversing light set.
Code: BU8 £3.99 each (includes VAT)

9. Bulb for centre interior dome light There are two types of bulb used, either 9 or 9A. Access the bulb by levering the dome glass down on the left hand side.
Code: BU9 (type 579) £3.95 each (includes VAT)
Code: BU9A type 578 £6.35 each (includes VAT)

10. Bulb for Rear cargo area
Code: BU10 (type 906)  £3.95 each (includes VAT)

11. Bulb for Instruments illumination and
Headlamp high beam indicator.
Code: BU11 (type 74) £1.85 each (includes VAT)

12. Bulb for illuminating the floor centre console (fitted to the underside of the dash console).
Code: BU12 (type 37) £2.30 each (includes VAT)

13. Bulb for illuminating the Heater/Air Con control panel.
Code: BU13 £9.55 each (includes VAT)